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The 90s sitcoms that should never be rebooted

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From Will & Grace to Fuller House and Girl Meets World, reboots are all the rage but we can think of a few shows that should be on TVs do not resuscitate list

After their popular video supporting Hillary Clinton launched earlier this month, the stars and creators of Will & Grace are reportedly in talks with NBC to bring the show back to primetime. An updated version of the big gay sitcom would follow a slew of 90s sitcom revivals like Girl Meets World, the reboot of Boy Meets World, and Fuller House, a renovation to the original Full House that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen built.

Reboots are all the rage, so this was bound to happen, but can we name a few shows out of bounds to the zombie TV show plague that has taken over Hollywood? Heres a start.

Home Improvement

We dont need Tim Taylor and his caveman yelps back on television. You might not know this, but Tim Allen has been doing the same shtick on CBSs Last Man Standing for the past five seasons. Its like the 90s never ended.

Veronicas Closet

Thanks to Scream Queens and Flaked, at age 65 Kirstie Alley is still gainfully employed (and looking amazing) so theres no need to worry about her pension. Also Victorias Secret, the lingerie company that is the inspiration for Veronicas romantic empire, is in financial trouble. The honeymoon is over, and we dont need to stick around for the divorce.

Caroline in the City

Last we saw Caroline (Lea Thompson), she was trying to decide whether to marry Randy (Anthony Tyler Quinn) or her creative partner Richard (Malcolm Gets), who she was in a relationship with despite the fact that he was totally gay. But do we think Caroline is still in the city? Now that shes pushing 50 she probably moved upstate and started an organic dairy farm. No one wants to see Caroline in the Country. No one.


We already have a show called Ellen and Ms DeGeneres is doing just fine on that one, thank you very much. Also any excuse to keep co-star Jeremy Piven from returning to television is a good one.


The hats. Oh god, dont make me resee the hats.

The Drew Carey Show

We all know that Cleveland Rocks, I dont think that we need to be reminded ever again. However if Drews nemesis, evil drag queen trapped in a womans body Mimi (Kathy Kinney), were to get her own show Id be cool with that.

Madman of the People

You may not remember this Must See TV one-season wonder, but you probably didnt remember Cupid, and that got a reboot. Here Dabney Coleman plays a newspaper columnist whose young daughter is brought in to make his column hip again. This is essentially new sitcom The Great Indoors, and it wasnt so great either.

The Single Guy

Situated for two seasons between Friends and Seinfeld, this is one of the highest rated shows ever to get canceled. That doesnt mean NBC should bring it back. People only watched this because it was between Friends and Seinfeld.

Just Shoot Me

I cant think of anything more 90s than David Spade in a mock turtleneck cardigan sniping at his coworkers while leaning on his desk at a magazine. I mean, are any of these things still around? Well, I guess coworker sniping will never end.

All of them …

I hate to sound like a troll in the comments section of every listicle ever published, but can we just stop rebooting 90s shows? The reason why people want Will & Grace or any of these shows back is because they were era-defining comedies. A reboot of a 90s comedy is not going to define the late 2010s. Though you wouldnt think so with Netflix, Amazon, cable TV, web videos and platforms not even invented yet, there is a limited amount of television production resources. To keep spending them on rehabbing the shows that defined other eras is just keeping this era from having its own defining hits or keeping us from fully appreciating the ones that we already have. So lets allow the Friends, Seinfeld, Martin, Roseanne and all the women of Living Single continue on with their semi-retirement. Thanks to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu we can go and revisit the past anytime we want. We dont need it to keep rearing its ugly head in the present, no matter how funny it might be.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2016/oct/31/90s-sitcoms-reboots-will-and-grace-full-house

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