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Old Ladies At All-Male Strip Club Lose Their Minds When Grandpa Strippers Walk Out

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A group of ladies from the Brookdale Galleria, a senior living community in Houston, TX, got quite an eyeful recently when they went on a saucy group outing to a local all-male strip club.

The ladies were excitedly anticipating the show at LaBare Houston, a Magic Mike-esque strip club that specializes in chiseled and sculpted male strippers, and came out en masse to take in the hunky show.

However, instead of the Chippendales-style experience they were probably expecting, they got quite the surprise not unlike the caretakers at this similarly hard-partying nursing home.

There were men a-plenty on the stage, just not the ones they were expecting the strippers were none others than their own neighbors, all men living in the same senior living community!

The so-called silver strippers put on a steamy performance all their own, one that were sure Brookdales senior citizens will be blushing about for weeks to come!

Check out the gallery below to see these silver foxes show off their moves and prove that age really is just a number!

In late September, the ladies of the Brookdale Galleria Senior Living Community hit the town for a much-anticipated outing!

They were headed to LaBare Houston, an all-male strip club specializing in hunky guys leaving little to the imagination.

Needless to say, a whole crowd of women from the senior citizens’ home showed up for the outing, but they had a surprise in store!

The strippers that appeared on-stage look awfully familiar; they were all men that lived at Brookdale too.

As it turns out, the fellas cooked up the elaborate scheme to crash the ladies’ night after their female friends pulled a similar prank a few months back.

The men were throwing a party at Hooters, the chain restaurant famous forits busty waitstaff, when the ladies from the home showed up to get their share of the fun!

To make the joke complete, every single one of the ladies showed up to that outing withballoons stuffed down hershirt!

The Hooters incident set off an escalating, good-natured prank war.

Naturally, when the Brookdale gentlemen learned about the saucy evening the women had planned, theyhad to cook up a joke.

As 88-year-old Esther Weinstein put it to ABC 7,“The music starts and, unlike the hunks I expected, out comes the wheelchair brigade!”

The Brookdale women were comfortably seated in the audience when the men came out, some of indeed assisted by walkers and canes, and all of them dressed in their very best ‘Village People’ get-ups!

The Village People, best known for the song ‘YMCA,’ famously wore campy costumes, like a saucy version of an Old West cowboy, or a skin-tight cop uniform.

Needless to say, the Brookdale gentlemen were enthusiastic about embracing their skimpy get-ups!

The fellow had been planning their scandalous show for quite some time!

As soon as they heard about the girls’ night out, they arranged with the LaBare management that they would show up instead to give the women a surprise.

With assistance from Erik, the club owner, they even planned their choreography ahead of time, with plenty of ooh-la-la moves.

According to the Brookdale Facebook page, “The lights dimmed, our men cruised in using walkers in ways we can’t begin to describe.

Some of the gentlemen were more stripped down than others, but all were happy to accept the singles that their delighted female friends pushed into their waistbands.

All in all, the ladies seemedvery happy to go with the flow and embrace the surprise show.

While we have no doubt that they would have enjoyed the beefcake show originally planned, they sure got a well-deserved eyeful from their friends and neighbors.

While the prank may have been intended as retaliation for the ladies’ impish trick at Hooters, we doubt that this prank war will be over anytime soon; guys and gals alikelook like they’re havingwaytoo much fun to quit now!

Plus, they do a great job of demonstrating that your sex appeal doesn’t disappear just cause you’re a senior citizen!

As the LaBare Houston Facebook page put it, “I want to send a shout out to the residents at Brookdale Galleria for coming out and shaking their thangs for change!”

If you love these saucy seniors showing that you can still have plenty of (slightly scandalous) fun no matter what your age, make sure toSHARE the ‘silver strippers’ and their crazy antics with friends who will appreciate their moves!

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