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When Does the Loan Have to Be Paid Back? 

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The Definition of  Home Equity Conversion Mortgage aka HECM  

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What Reverse Mortgage Program Options Can I Chose From? 

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What happens to the Home after I've passed on?  

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The HECM Reverse Mortgage & Financial Planning Implications  

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How Does The HECM Reverse Mortgage Line Of Credit Work?  

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What If My Loan Balance Ever Exceeds My Property Value?

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Are Reverse Mortgage Loans Costly?  

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What Are The Five HECM Reverse Mortgage Pay-Out Options

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Why Can I Not Wait Until I Feel I Need A HECM Reverse Mortgage?  

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You remain the owner of your home.

A common misconception of reverse mortgages is that the lender takes ownership of your home. This is false. You continue to maintain ownership of your home, as long as you comply with the terms of the loan and pay your taxes and insurance.

There are no monthly mortgage payments required from you.

One of the most attractive benefits of reverse mortgages is that payments are made TO you, as long as you live in your home. This is quite different from a traditional forward mortgage where you must pay funds in a monthly amount. With reverse mortgages, you receive funds. The loan is repaid when you sell your home, move to another primary residence, or when the last borrower leaves the home.

You are protected if the housing market declines.

The reverse mortgage loan is insured by the federal government. With federal insurance comes greater security. If the loan ends up amounting to more than the value of the home when sold, government insurance will cover the difference. This means that the loan will be paid in full using only the proceeds your home sells for, and no more.

You may choose from several options of disbursement.

Each individual senior has different needs. Thus, there are different disbursement options to cover different needs. This includes the choice to receive funds in a full or partial sum, a line of credit, monthly payments, or a combination of any of these.

Social Security and Medicare benefits are unaffected.

Government benefit programs that do not test financial resources, such as Social Security and Medicare, are not affected by reverse mortgages. Reverse mortgages are considered loan proceeds and not income. Do note, however, that income awards such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income may be affected.

fav 15 Our Titles vary. We are mortgage consultants, loan originators, loan officers, and mortgage brokers. What does not vary is that every day, borrowers like you entrust us with one of the most important financial decisions of your life, that if not executed properly can have long-lasting repercussions as was witnessed in 2008 during the mortgage meltdown.
fav 15 We know that despite our best efforts and the government's best efforts to regulate the mortgage industry, our borrowers are too busy to review every last line of every single document . Our borrowers trust us as their mortgage advisor and that what they are signing is in their best interest.
fav 15 We do not take that responsibility lightly. We do what is in the best interest for you, our client, not what is best for our pocketbook as some other brokers before us have done. We know by doing this, we not only are doing what is morally and ethically right, but we know this belief system will result in our borrowers referring us additional clients, the underpinnings of a long term relationship.
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Borrower is responsible for property taxes, homeowners insurance, and property maintenance. A HECM is a home-secured debt payable upon default or a maturity event. Some restrictions apply. This material has not been reviewed, approved, or issued by HUD, FHA, or any government agency


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